Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Simulation

Over the summer, autumn and winter of 1869, fears grew within Red River Settlement that lives might be disrupted by the transfer of the territory to Canada. There was fear that a foreign government might not give the inhabitants consideration as to how their settlement would be administered. At this time a governance vacuum is seriously threatening the peace and security of the settlement. The land transfer from the Hudson’s Bay Company [HBC], to the Crown of England, and then to Canada has been suspended until such time as a peaceful settlement can be reached.

With Governor McDougall blocked at the border with 350 rifles, supposedly to arm a Canadian Party Volunteer Militia, tensions in the settlement have never been higher. The residents have formed a provisional government(s) under the leadership of John Bruce and Louis Riel to protect their rights, homes and families.

As a member of the provisional government you must help decide the best course of action to follow for the people of the country and the settlement, their future and well-being. One of the most significant developments in Canadian history is about to unfold and you are required to assist in the process. To help with your decisions you will find a number of historic documents to guide you.