“Traitors may conspire; Jesuits may plot; sectional politicians may intrigue, and moribund ministers may hesitate and succumb; but ‘westward the star of empire takes its way,’ and in spite of all obstacles, the immense wheat-growing and cattle-grazing valleys and plains of our ‘Great West,’ will soon be subdued and occupied, not by priest-ridden natives addicted to the chase, but by strong cultivators of the soil, carrying with them the civilization, the political principles, the self-reliant energy, and the contempt for sacerdotal* leadership, which distinguish the colonizing populations of the new world.”

*sacerdotal describes the belief that a special, segregated order of men, called the priesthood  are the only ones who can commune directly with God.

McDougall, “Letter VIII,” The Red River Rebellion: Eight Letters to Hon. Joseph Howe (Toronto: Hunter, Rose and Company, 1870), p 59.