It is 1869, two years since Canada became a country. The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) has agreed to sell all its British territories and colonies, including the Red River Settlement, to Canada. Canada plans to create a territorial government, with William McDougall appointed as the Lieutenant-Governor. McDougall will have the power to make and enforce all laws in the region without participation from the local population.

McDougall has ordered 350 rifles and ammunition to be brought to Red River. Many think he is hostile toward French and Métis people and will use these rifles to arm a militia made up of newcomers from Ontario. There is fear that the lives and livelihoods of the residents will be negatively affected. 

McDougall travels through the United States to reach the Red River Settlement. On October 30, 1869, McDougall reaches Pembina at the border between Assiniboia and the United States.

Should you welcome McDougall or stop him?