The delegates have arrived in Ottawa with a List of Rights outlining the conditions under which the Red River settlement will enter confederation. Delegates have been directed to negotiate Assiniboia’s entrance into Confederation as a province (not territory), safeguard French and English language rights, and ensure a land base for the Métis.

The conditions requested from Canada also include amnesty for all members of the provisional government and those acting under them. One man was executed by the provisional government and many people were imprisoned. Canada could lay criminal charges for these actions, or worse, charge members with treason.

A special meeting of the Legislative Assembly is convened on June 24, 1870 to hear the report of Abbé Ritchot, the first delegate to have returned from negotiations with Ottawa. Ritchot submits the Manitoba Act for the Assembly’s consideration and assures that it meets the terms outlined in the List of Rights. However, there is no promise of amnesty.

How should Riel vote? Should he recommend ratifying the Manitoba Act or demand amnesty first?