Children made up the largest demographic in the settlement. The census indicates that anywhere from 62 to 65 percent of the settled population would have been less than twenty-one years of age during the Resistance — about 8,000 people out of the total population of 12,000.[i]

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[i] Ens, Homeland to Hinterland, 140. The precise number of Métis children is not clear in existing sources that reference the census. See also Statistics Canada, “1870 Man. Table I – Population, Sexes, and Conjugal Condition, Manitoba,” (site now closed), which suggests 65% of the total population (7,999), were “children and unmarried.” There is also “1870 Man. Table III - Ages of the People, Manitoba,” (site now closed), an E-STAT table that displays ages in the settlement. The above links apparently cannot be accessed directly, one has to first go to Statistics Canada, “The 1800s (1806 to 1871),” Government of Canada website, (accessed 6 February 2012).