Letter to Richot

“Sir – The President of the Provisional Government of Assiniboia in Council, by these presents grants authority and commission to you the Reverend N. J. Richot, jointly with John Black Esquire, and the Honorable A. Scott, to the end that you betake yourselves to Ottawa, in Canada ; and that when there you should lay before the Canadian Parliament the list entrusted to your keeping with these presents, which list contains the conditions and propositions under which the people of Assiniboia would consent to enter into Confederation with the other Provinces of Canada.

Signed, this twenty-second day of March, in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy.

By Order,

Thomas Bunn

Secretary of State

Seat of Government, Winnipeg, Assiniboia

Source:  Geoffrion, F. and Taylor, I.B., Report of the Select Committee on the Causes of the Difficulties in the North-West Territory in 1869-70, (1874).  Canada. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on Causes of Difficulties in the North-West Territory. p 71