VIII – Comments by the Canadian Press

[From an article in the Globe, December 1869]

Besides we have had a whisper that some few of those clothed in a little brief authority have already showed a swaggering, foolish way of going to work, as if being from Canada, and in official positions, they were infinitely superior to the miserable “serfs” away in the West, and only did them too much honor when they took undue liberties with their wives, and treated their daughters as if they were no better than they ought to be.  This social danger is as great as any. Two or three raw, presumptuous, conceited boobies in official positions, fanning and swelling like turkey-cocks, giving themselves airs, will among a proud, high-blooded, and ignorant people, do more damage in six months than very prudent and becoming conduct on the part of their superiors can afterward counteract in as many years.

Rumors of Canadians that ought to have known better getting horse-whipped, and deserving the punishment, have got even this length; and if those foolish feather-heads think that they are going to be backed in their proceedings by anybody in this quarter, they are very much mistaken. Red River does not need the importation of a lot of raw, foolish sprigs of Canadian gentility to fill its subordinate official positions; and if any, whether half-breed or English, think that Canadians wish the northwest to be a refuge for cast-off politicians, or a convenient place for influential people getting rid of the dullest of their boys, by securing for them there a government situation with a decent salary and no work, they very far out of their reckoning.